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“The Democratic Republic of the Congo is blessed with the richest reserves of nearly every strategic mineral that United States manufacturers need now and will need far into the future. The new Felix Tshisekedi administration is open for US mining companies to engage with it in developing the country’s tremendous potential for mutual benefit.”

– Max Karst –

Development opportunities

Lake Kivu Shoreline, DRC

Situated on a scenic mountain top on the shores of picturesque Lake Kivu, Manga is a rich source of tin ore called cassiterite.

Artisanal Miner, Numbi, DRC

30 km east of Lake Kivu in the beautiful rolling landscape of South Kivu Province, Numbi is a vast parcel rich in coltan, cobalt, gold, and tourmailine

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Deep in the earth below the beautiful and highly contested landscape of Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, artisanal miners dig tin ore called cassiterite from the rock and bring it up to the surface in fifty kilo bags to be sold to local buyers, called comptoirs, who then sell it to processors in Goma and Bukavu, who clean it into concentrated form for shipment to refiners around the world, primarily in China and Malaysia.

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